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A Tribute To Old Time Country Music

Established 1998 (As Gary Sez) by Gary Carico

Welcome all!

Please note: Gary's Country is now an archive and is not updated on a regular bases.

Well boys and girls, as of May, 2014, this ole web site will have been up for sixteen years. Yep, it was May of 1998 that we launched GarySez. Of course, the format, name and even the server has changed a bit since then, but the bottom line is ”Real Country Music”, with a little rockabilly and folk thrown in here and there! Originally I had music from all the great legends that we all love so much. But as time went by, it seemed so easy to find music by all the great ones. Sooo, I decided to narrow the format down to a few of the great, but more obscure artists that I have either known personally, or was very familiar with. So please check all the names, and though you may have never heard of some of them, you just may love what you’re gonna hear and read about some of them!

One of the greatest losses to the site, was when HTML gear deleted my guestbooks that contained fifteen years, and thousands of entries. I truly thought the books were backed up, but they weren’t! With Facebook ruling the roost these days, personal web sites and guestbooks are not a popular as they once were, but please, if you see something here you like, then by all means sign the guestbook, and let me, as well as the public know what you’ve found!

Now, be sure your sound is on, then rare back and enjoy the site. And remember, you’re free to download from this site. Thanks for being here! Ole Gary sure does appreciate it!

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My YouTube Videos
A few of my YouTube videos

My First Love
A wonderful story written by Shirley Carman Hines about her relationship with Carlos Toadvine (Little Enis) when they were teens. You're gonna love it!

Thirteen new songs by Johnny Noles! Click on his name to check them out! A great big thanks to Johnny's daughter Mellissa for making these tracks available to me!

Click on the links below to listen to some great country music.....real country music!

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Various Artists

A wide sellection from various artists

Lattie Moore
Oct 17, 1924 - June 13, 2010

Jimmie Osborne

During the forties and fifties Louisville personality Jimmie Osborne had many folks tuning to his daily radio show, and buying his latest record. Sadly, he chose to end his life on Dec 26, 1957, with a self inflicted gunshot wound. Visit his page to hear his music and learn more about one of Kentucky's best!

Jimmie Logsdon

Make no mistake about it, recording artist, radio and TV personality Jimmie Logsdon was also a huge part of what I like to call the Louisville country music movement of the 1950s.

Little Enis

Back in the fifties, Little Enis (Carlos Toadvine) was Lexington Kentucky's original left handed, backwards and upside down guitar player. Visit his page to hear his music and learn more about this amazing artist.

Asher Sizemore & Little Jimmie

Back in the 1930s, Asher Sizemore and his five year old son Jimmie were pioneering the radio waves with their down home country music. Visit their page to listen to some of their radio broadcasts and read what others have to say about them.

Jack Hall

From Huntsville Alabama, let's vist our good friend, songwriter and multi talented Jack Hall.

Johnny Noles & The Pretenders

Okay, lets travel back into time and visit SW Florida's own Johnny Noles and his band The Pretenders at the Big Still lounge.
Thirteen new songs by Johnny Noles! Be sure and check them out! Thanks, Mellissa!

Carl Bowyer

My good buddy, neigbor, song writer and singer Carl Bowyer could often be found performing at the Still. Click on Carl's photo to listen to some of his best, including a beautiful song recorded by Opry legend Carl Butler! Is Carl still writing and singing? You betcha, he is!

Sam Thompson

Could you often find Sam Thompson cuttin' up at The Big Still? You betcha heart you could! Give a listen to this wired writer and entertainer. You'll be glad you did.

Gary Link

S. W. Florida's Gary Link talking 'bout them Shell Factory Billboard Blues, as well as a few other things.


Ralph Raulerson & The Countrymen
Let's go back to the early seventies with Ralph Raulerson and all the Countrymen

Kentucky's Own
Gene Jack Hall

Outstanding entertainer...Outstanding guy!

Ernie Lee
The Kentucky Balladeer

Carl Bowyer
S. W. Florida's Country Music Poet.

Tragaedy Of School Bus 27

Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus

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Please note: I in no way profit from the music on these pages. All songs are from my personal collection and are placed here for your private enjoyment and educational purposes only. Enjoy!

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